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Engineering equipment

Engineering equipment

Climate control equipment for industrial and public application


ADB Global is distributor for is one of the major manufacturers of heat exchanging equipment in the global market. We focus on the commercial department for our supplier in order them to advance their core business and developing the most efficient heat exchanging solutions for:

  • Oil and gas industry,
  • Chemical industry,
  • Food and beverage
  • Energy and power industry
  • Public and household engineering systems.


ADB Global Sales and our suppliers stakes on EFFICIENCY. EFFICIENCY is the cornerstone of the modern economy worldwide. EFFICIENCY means the whole complex: 

  • Safety and reliability 
  • Cost/quality ratio
  • Reduction of CAPEX and OPEX Experience.


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Portfolio of ADB Global Sales clients for engineering equipment for climate control: 

mayor multinational clients

“ADB Global is full-chain supplier for oil & gas companies and for logistics companies”

ADB Global Sales

“ADB is offering excellent LNG solutions for logistic partners”

“LNG is more than one new fuel, it is pure competitive power ...”

“Solution for diesel to gas-engines OEM producers”