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Gas compression

ADB Project Solution is striving to supply compression integrated solutions for our customers' specific requirements. We offer all series of compressors, engine-driven or motor driven to ensure the safety and reliability of operation.

ADB´s packages are used onshore and offshore with the range from 10 HP to 10000 HP. From the oil and gas fields to chemical plants, the extensive application experience gives Jereh a deep understanding of customers' needs as well as the industry standards in different countries and regions. We can also provide turnkey engineering services for gas gathering station, gas booster station and underground gas storage projects etc.

Ambient temperature: -140℉~122℉(-60℃~50℃)
Pressure range: 0~8990 Psi (0~61.98 Mpa)
Power range: 10 HP~10000 HP (7.46~7457 kW)
Process gas: natural gas, air, hydrogen, ethane, nitrogen, propane, CO2, BOG etc.
Installation types: truck-mounted, stationary, Non-foundation, pile-mounted
Application: injection, gathering, associated gas recovery,fuel gas boosting, CNG etc.
Standard: CE, GOST, API, IEC, ASME, ISO etc.

“ADB Global is full-chain supplier for oil & gas companies and for logistics companies”

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“LNG is more than one new fuel, it is pure competitive power ...”

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